QQuickImageProvider complete example

  • Hello everyone!
    I'm really new in qt and qml. I try to learn this a bit, but I have some problem now. I'm trying to get access to qml Image object from my c++ code and set an image into it. I was trying to use examples from this "example topic":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/29227. Only thing I could get is and random pattern based on image I want to load.

    If somebody could share with me the simplest example which shows how to set an image to qml Image object from c++ class. Image is of course an QImage object.

    Example could look like this:

    1. In c++: read image from file to QImage object
    2. Set it to qml Image object and show it on screen.

    I just can't get an idea what is behind the QtQuickImageProvider object :/

    Any help will be appreaciated :)

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