Debugging with Qt Creator on OSX

  • Has anyone managed to get debugging with debug helpers working when using Qt Creator (2.8.0) under OS X (10.8)?

    I have followed the suggestion in and installed FSF gdb version 7.6 as ggdb, and created a certificate for it. I've set the debugger in the Preferences->Build & Run->Kits to /opt/local/bin/ggdb, and also
    set in the build options to run dsymutil on my target debug executable.

    From the cmd line I can run 'ggdb myapp' successfully and set breakpoints, look at the callstack etc.

    However, if I set a breakpoint in my code and run the debugger from Qt Creator, it will break on it, and I can display the contents of QString etc. But it only lists the current function in the callstack, all other function calls are just shown as '??'. Also, I can single step on from that function but not step into functions (even of the same class as the one I set my breakpoint).

    Anyone give me any clues as to how to get the debugger going under OSX? Else I am going to have to defect to using Xcode...

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