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    I just compiled qt4.7.0 beta2 with VS2010 mkspec. then I wanted to add it as a Qt version in my Creator 2.0 . After adding it in the version preference, i got the message "unable to determine the msvc-version. Isnt VS2010 not yet supported by Creator? Is there a workaround to get it working? Am i doing something wrong?

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    Hi, I'm using QtCreator with MVSC2010 (32 bit), so there is no general problem. I didn't find any 'unable to determine the msvc-version' string in the source code though, can you recheck what exact error message QtCreator gives you?

  • i also looked for that error in the source and didnt find it. im using the 64bit version of Studio2010. I also compiled qt with 64bits.

    on my old computer (studio 2005 and qt32bit) he found in the settings the MSVC-Compiler version 8.0.

    Now there isnt even a combobox with the version, but only the red error label. and when i want to start compiling a project, he does not find the cl.exe what seems logical to me.

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    Actually MSVC 2010 64bit isn't supported by Qt, and will create heaps of problems right now: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-11445.

  • thank you for your help, in the "bugreport" if everything written thats importen for this problem.


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