How to enable QT_QML_NO_DEBUGGER

  • In qtdeclarative/src/qml/debugger/qqmldebugserver.cpp there is a #ifndef QT_QML_NO_DEBUGGER and in the configure script the -no-qml-debug option adds the define to QCONFIG_FLAGS however this does not define it in qtdeclarative/src/qml/Makefile.

    This is the correct behavour so I have two questions.

    What is the -no-qml-debug flag supposed to do?

    How is the QT_QML_NO_DEBUGGER flag defined?


  • the flag does exactly that: define that constant. in qconfig.h. which is included by qglobal.h. which is included by every other qt header. so the declarative sources see the define.

  • Ok, thanks. I didn't realise it went into qconfig.h. I just saw a bunch of other flags defined in the Makefile and assumed it was meant to go there.

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