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Window() or Rectangle() for a new window

  • Hello,
    I am trying to design an interface, but the Window function as stated in the qt blogs is getting accepted entirely in the program, It state that Window keyword not found. But instead does not complain anything about the Rectangle().

    The Rectangle does not also take any other functions into it other than text or Mouse to exit the window.

    Why is it so?
    I am including the import QtQuick 2.0 and the import QtQuick2.0.Window as the library functions but event though it is not recognizing it.

    I am presently using the Qt 5 on ubuntu and on Windows 7

    Basically my main requirement is to create a window(main window) which harbors many other smaller functions like menu, menubars,text etc... all the other functions supported by a GUI

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    Show us your code. From that short description I think you are misunderstanding the way QML works, but I need more data to help you.

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