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Qml editor

  • Hi
    Our company need a visual qml editor and I have been looking on Qt Declarative Module, im little confused on how to use it. It looks like it view the qml file but I need a class that can interact with the qml elements in the qml file with a mouse. How can I get the qml element that the mouse is clicking on in a QtDeclarativeView?

    When I first was looking at this I looked at the qmldesigner in qtcreator. Where can I find some documentation on how the qmldesigner was developed? I have the source for the qt creator but havent yet digged in.
    Anyone know a good approach to get started with a qml designer?
    Thanks in advance.
    Im new to qt but have been coding c++ and objective-c for a 5-years.

  • Hi,

    why you can't use QML Designer inside in Qt Creator?

  • Hi
    We are using qt creator, it solves the problem but the people that need to use it doesnt like it and it takes up a lot of time in support.
    We need a very simple editor thats why we have start look in to create one ourself.

  • Hi,

    I think the time needed by write a new QML Editor will be greater than the time needed to learn use Qt Creator.

    Also on the WEB you find a lot of forum and resources that help using Qt Creator

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