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Regarding QT SDK installation

  • Installing the QT SDK and Qt for Symbian and configuring it is the most painful installation i have ever came across. I wanted to create a sis package for the App i have created and more than writing App it was the installation that bothered me.Why cant one simple installation file with everything implicitly configuring the required specification(Qt SDK, GCCE,RVCT,Open C library plugin,configuring it on different drive,installing Qt for symbian on the same drive, installing creator,then again configuring it for creating many steps and if one of it fails, God help us)
    Moreover why cant we make the SDK much more simpler ? is it not possible to develop one single setup file which is much simpler and user friendly to create a sis file ?(hope its already in development phase)

  • Why don't you install Nokia Qt SDK from "Forum Nokia": and you will be good to go. It is one single package.

  • you can use Qt s60 emulator with QtCreator. After ending up your project you can collect files and deploy to your device.

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    The Qt SDK is for desktop development. Please use the Nokia Qt SDK if you want to target devices instead (both will be merged in the next release by the way). The Nokia Qt SDK does configure everything you need to write and deploy applications to Symbian devices.

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