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[NOT solved] QtScript and external library (QLibrary)

  • Dear Qt users,
    I recently discovered how powerful is the "QtScript": module but I'm a bit surprised by how few answers I can find in Google when typing any query related to this module. It looks like only a few people take advantage of it.

    I'm using it in combination with "qtscriptgenerator": and that's rally neat: the user is able to creates it's own GUI, connect it's own function to existing signals, etc.

    Now I'm wondering if there is a simple way to let the user write a plugin and expose it to QtScript. I was trying to interface "QLibrary": with QtScript but I'm not sure it does make a sense:
    it seems I won't be able to use any function that use custom types/classes, same with function that pass arguments as reference, etc.

    What would you suggest? Telling the user to write a Qt plugin is a bit painful (he will have to use the same qt and compiler version for instance)

  • I'm considering implementing a simpler solution than described.
    However I still have the following problem: using the QLibrary implies using declaring a typedef like in this example: @typedef int (Function)(int, int);
    Function avg = (Function) library->resolve("avg");
    return avg(5, 8);@
    In my case I would like to wrap that code in a function that take the prototype of the function as a QString, the argument as a void
    * and call @wrapper("int avg(int, int)", 5, 8)@

    How can I adapt the typedef and the resolve call to dynamically adapt to the given QString? Is this even possible?
    I know the "QAxBase": allows calling an activeX this way: @activeX->dynamicCall("Navigate(const QString&)", "");@

  • It seems it is really complex to achieve that, however a lib exists:

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