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[Solved] QTreeModel refresh problem

  • Hi everybody

    I have problem with refreshing my QTreeModel
    my tree show db structure so I'm load child after user try expand tree item
    when item expand first time all fine
    but when I try refresh item (just delete all child and add new child)

    in case when I call beginResetModel/endResetModel I get in first call ASSERT failure QVector<T>::operator[]: "index out of range"
    in case when I not call beginResetModel/endResetModel I get in second call access violation at line qlist.h
    @inline int count() const { return p.size(); }@

    my code

    @void QTreeModel::changeItem(QDBTreeItem* item, const QList<QBaseTreeItem*> &children) {
    QModelIndex ind = createIndex(0,0,item->parent());
    if (ind.isValid()) {

    please direct me
    thank you

  • lock like problem in expanded state of item because if I collapse item before refresh all fine, so I'll try collapse my items automatic

    good luck for all

  • It's work

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