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QtCreator default SDK

  • Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but it's an installation issue. I have looked around but can't seem to find my answer elsewhere or within this forum. Can anyone tell me how I can set my default SDK inside of QtCreator? I was sure that an older version used to let you actually set on of the installed SDKs as the default, but 2.0.1 is not showing such an option. There are two branches: Auto-detected and Manual. The SDK found in auto-detect is the one that is set as my default, and I have to go to the Projects options in QtCreator (not the options dialog) to set the SDK for a given project. Is there a way for me to set another SDK as the default other than the one found by auto-detect? As SDK versions keep getting put out, it is more convenient to have the default be the latest, and then I can change backwards if I need to work on some older software.

  • If you have several versions of sdk, you can switch by clicking on the button with pc icon in your left panel above run button and select your version.

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    I assume you are refering to Qt versions when you say "SDK"?

    There is no more concept of "default Qt version" in Qt creator 2.x anymore as that does not work well with the different targets we support now.

    There is a "bug report": open about improving the target setup page in the new project wizard. Maybe you want to describe your use case there so that we can take it into consideration when we tackle the issue?

  • Thanks. I thought there was also a QTPATH variable that could be set for the default, but that doesn't work. I set it to 4.7.1, created a new instance, and it gave me both QT in PATH and 4.7.1, where both were checked. I guess I have to make the choice at create time, and then manually change it if I add something that needs a more recent build. The only thing here is, if I wanted to enforce an environment for several programmers using the same box, it would be nice to be able to set up a system environment variable which would cause any newly created projects to use the path given in that variable.

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