[Withdrawn] Subdirs build: lib could not be found

  • I have a subdirs project consisting of multiple libs and a single application that links them together.

    Since migrating my source tree to a different location (but with sources, pro and pri files being identical), I get a strange error when trying to build:

    During the first step, when qmake is "reading" the .pro files I get:
    @error: Project: 'tmain_tp.pro', lib 'libtfrt.a' could not be found@

    "tmain_tp.pro" is the single application, while "tfrt" happens to be the first library in the LIBS variable of my application's pro file.

    The project "tfrt" is part of the subdirs. When I right-click and manually build "trft", the library is created and the application project no longer complains about it. It then complains about the next library in the list.

    So far, when I built a subdirs project, it automatically built all the libraries first, before trying to find them in the application project. Now it seems it doesn't even try to build them.

    Snip of the subdirs project file:
    @CONFIG += ordered
    CONFIG += debug_and_release_target
    TEMPLATE = subdirs




    SUBDIRS contains many more lib projects in reality, but they are just the same as those shown

    mls_tool.file = sourcen/mls/code/mls_tool.pro
    tasn.file = sourcen/tasn/code/tasn.pro
    tdd.file = sourcen/tdd/code/tdd.pro

    tfrt.file = sourcen/tfrt/code/tfrt.pro
    tfr_tp.file = sourcen/tfr/code/tfr_tp.pro
    tfrf_tp.file = sourcen/tfrf/code/tfrf_tp.pro
    tfrw_widgetdatagui.file = sourcen/tfrw/code/tfrw_widgetdatagui.pro
    tfrc.file = sourcen/tfrc/code/tfrc.pro
    tim.file = sourcen/tim/code/tim.pro
    tada.file = sourcen/tada/code/tada.pro

    tmain_tp.file = sourcen/tmain/code/tmain_tp.pro

    I have already tried:

    • Manually deleting all makefiles
    • Deleting Creator's .user file, and regenerating it from the original .pro file
    • Clean and rebuild
    • As I said, I can manually build the single libraries, but it's no fun

    Turned out to be a self-generated error message...

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