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Memory leak ?

  • My application is slowly increasing in memory usage while running . I tried shutting off all image loading and animation but memory is still increasing . The only thing that is happening is the application is continually receiving messages from a server through the tcpsocket . Is there a tool to find out what is going on or is there a known common issue here ? I tried VLD memory leak tool but i am currently having compile errors .

  • It's very hard to say without seeing your code!

    But please don't post your complete code. I would recommend you try to isolate the "problematic" code. That is: Try to cut down your program to the bare minimum that can reproduce the memory leak...


    BTW: I have used VLD on Windows and it's a great tool to locate memory leaks with MSVC. Just be sure you compile your program with Debug symbols and you link against the Debug version of Qt. Also, put the required DLL's (vld_x86.dll + dbghelp.dll) and the Manifest into the program directory.

    Other tools would be "Dr. Memory" for Windows. And of course there is Valgrind, which probably is the best free tool, but only for Linux/GCC.

  • What are you doing with all the messages you are receiving? Are you clearing your bytearray or similar ds to store the messages?
    Are you showing the messages in some text area? Are you clearing it frequently?
    Those can be some wild guesses

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