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Using game engines with QtQuick and Qtdesigner for game development

  • Hello,
    I use game engines such as Unity and Cryengine to develop my own set of games.
    I wanted to know can I use the qml in the qtcreator's design phase for creating the user interfaces such as menus and other documentation purposes?

    Basically is qml IDE portable?
    Is it constrained to Qt only?
    I am asking this because those game engines support Javascript as a means to develop interfaces, and as we all know the qml is a language that is influenced by Javascript, so can it be used as a .js (-being the name of the file) in the engines.

  • Hello
    No, Qt Quick use QML for UI description and JS for UI behavior, QLM is not "influenced" by JS. So you can't create UI only with JS in Qt (usually).
    But in Qt Devs Days 2013, there are confs on "WebApp with Qt" using engine to create full JS UI based on Qt Quick (QML+JS) interface. Maybe you can use it, but it's heavy juste for UI in game engine

  • Hi,
    if you like QML & JavaScript and are into 2D games, "V-Play": might be interesting to you. It's a rapid development tool for cross-platform games built on top of Qt and Cocos2d-x.

    Cheers, Chris

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