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QtQuick 2 and Windows XP

  • Hi,

    If there is a clear answer to this question, I apologise, but I couldn't find one at a quick search.

    I'm looking to develop an application which would be need to support Windows XP and up, and I am evaluating using QtQuick 2 for the UI. However, my understanding is that QtQuick 2 requires OpenGL ES 2.0 which isn't natively supported on Windows without the user installing a separate graphics driver. This "wiki page": states that ANGLE can be used to bridge the gap, but it also recommends against using it on Windows XP.

    Does that mean my choices are to either require users on Windows XP to have a graphic driver installed that supports OpenGL ES 2.0 (making the application requirements more complicated for users), or not use QtQuick 2?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Any OpenGL version higher or equal to 2.0 should work, it does not need to be ES. Yes you are correct: either add a requirement for graphics driver, or don't use QtQuick 2/ Qt5. Luckily, all graphics vendors provide OpenGL and DirectX drivers.

  • Thanks for the reply. That does confirm what I suspected.

    I think simplicity of deployment will probably trump potential for a slicker UI in this case, which is a shame.

  • Could I just ask one clarifying question.

    You said,

    bq. don’t use QtQuick 2/ Qt5

    would a purely QtWidgets based ui developed with Qt5 have the same requirement?

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    [quote author="sizanical_bill" date="1377040614"]would a purely QtWidgets based ui developed with Qt5 have the same requirement?[/quote]

    Nice catch :) Now, in theory, both QtWidgets and QtQuick1 are based on QPainter and do not require any OpenGL. However, I've seen several threads on this forum where people were having trouble compiling Qt without OpenGL headers. So I've put "Qt5" there just in case. Personally I only use Qt on machines that do have OpenGL drivers, and at work we are still on Qt4.

    My advice is: try it out :) Qt5 should work without OpenGL, but I'm simply not sure whether that is true in practice.

  • Thanks for the reply. I suspected that might be the case. I guess I'll just build some test applications and try them out of the target systems and see what sticks :)

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