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QTQuick Memory problem ~~~~~

  • Our studio using QT 5.1 dev a page editing software , Our software using QML\C++\JS for UI interface & all ,

    When user create New page ( 1024 X 768 ,even 2048 x 1536 iPad ) , The page is QQuickItem , The men size will increase 20MB/ 40MB . OMG, this means the texture in each QQuickItem is pixel array? I test the AnimationSprite when i loading 800x600 72 png images (just 5MB) for out 360 degree show , each frame mem size is 20mb . the small
    test App almost 176MB mem size.

    my question is : 1 . How to optimize this situation ? Is this a QT limitation ?
    2. When the sprite size was big than 1000X1000 and the sprite Animation more than 30 frames , ( One sprite engine combine sprite textures to one texture I saw the doc ) ,How can I achieve it 。

    Thx in advance

  • any idear ?

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    If nobody here knows the answer, I recommend asking at the "Interest mailing list": -- you can find Qt's engineers there, who know about Qt's memory usage.

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