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No network connection

  • Hi,

    I'm developing an application which needs a connection to the internet.
    To make a request, I use in javascript XMLHttpRequest.
    Everything goes fine most of the time, but sometimes I can't make a connection.
    I didn't manage to recognize a pattern when it can connect and when not.

    When I have my app running on my phone and make a request, I don't get a reply.
    The request doesn't even make it to my server, so that already explains why I don't get a reply.
    After a while, in my Application Output appears:
    [Qt Message] <Unknown File>:1: SyntaxError: Parse error

    I was able to load a webpage in the browser, so the phone has a working internet connection.
    Also the application can connect to the internet most of the time, only very sometimes it can't, so I assume it can't be a problem with the capabilities in the .pro file.

    Anybody has an idea about this problem why it happens, or how I can solve this?
    Thanks in advance

    Edit: I already figured out that after a long time, I do get a reply.
    But the reply is empty, which causes the error I get.
    Also, I can't find anything back in the logs of my server, so the request didn't reach the server.
    On some moments the connection works, on other moments it doesn't. So I still didn't find any solution :(

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    Do you have the necessary capabilities (assuming you are on Symbian phone) set for your application?

  • why not integrate you project with C++ and using QTcpSocket? it's more stable than Http :)

  • Tobias: Yes, I'm on a symbian phone, and most of the times the network connection is working, so I assume it's not a problem with the capabilities.

    mohsen: I'll look up some information about it. But do you think it can solve the problem?
    edit: I've looked up some info about it, but I don't think that it can help me. The server I'm connecting to is an http server, so it would be easier to use QNetworkAccessManager then. But I already use that in some places, and there I also don't get a reply. So I think the problem must be somewhere else.

  • Tobias meant your application capabilities, not phone capabilities. Or you have network working in other parts of your app and it doesn't working only in this small part?

  • I was also talking about phone capabilities ;-) I have added NetworkServices in the .pro file.
    Well most of the time the application is working, everything. But very sometimes there's no network connection, in the whole application. But when I open the web browser, I can browse on internet, so it can't be that the phone doesn't have network access.

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