Drag and Drop with QQuickView

  • I'm upgrading my application to Qt 5.1, Qt Quick 2.1.

    I display a QML view in my mostly widget based application, on top of QDeclarativeView.
    Originally I subclassed QDeclarativeView to add drag/drop functionality, so I could drop on top of the view and respond to it in my code.

    Now I see that QQuickView does not inherit from QWidget. How can I achieve the same functionality?

  • Just bumped into this:


    I see this will give me a QWidget. How can I now write the code for its drag / drop slots without subclassing it?

  • I'd appreciate any help here: I'm still a bit stuck on the drag and drop functionality I need.

    I got an email notification about a reply here but now the link to the reply leads me to a whole different thread.

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