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QAxWidget + IE ActiveX object problem

  • Hi All,

    It seems to be there is a problem in QAxWidget, please correct me if I'm wrong.
    I spent two days trying to put IE ActiveX object on a Qt form. Everything went fine first but when I began castomizing browser window appearance (scrollbars etc) the problem raised.
    I wrote my own IDocHostUIHandler implementation (as recommended) but it seemed to be impossible the original (default) one.
    In short: I create QAxWidget, queryInterface to IWebBrowser2 (OK), queryIntf to IOleObject (OK), then GetClientSite (also OK), but returned object cannot be queried for IDocHostUIHandler.
    Am I doing it wrong or it's an AxWidget bug? The point is I successfully did this task in MFC sample. CHtmlView works fine in this case.

  • Hello!
    I have problems too! I'm just using the example code that came in new QtCreator 2.8.1 (qt 5.1.1).
    I download the QtCretor Offline install. I report the but here: QTCREATORBUG-10244

  • Hi, do you have any solution ?

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