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Easy_install PySide throws SyntaxError for examples [Python 3]

  • Hi,

    I've noticed a problem with PySide and easy_install (at least on Windows with Python 3). should fix it, but so far it looks like a bug. Could someone confirm this? Should I ignore it?

    Windows 7, Python 3.3.2, setuptools 0.9.8, PySide 1.2.1

    Here is an output: "":

  • What assertion is violated, that PySide 1.2.1 (and its examples) is compatible with Python 3? (I don't know whether that assertion has been made. If so, then yes, it looks like a bug.)

    With all due respect, please try to make it easy on readers, for example, in your question saying 'it looks like the PySide examples fail syntax checking of Python 3.' Or 'syntax checking of Python 3 caused PySide not to install.' ( I don't know whether it did, since I didn't read the log carefully, and wouldn't need to if you would just summarize what the problem is.)

  • I just wondered if this type of exception thrown during the installation did not affect the installation process. It seems that the problem is related only to the examples that have not been ported to Python 3. Pyside is installed correctly and is working properly.

  • I concur with you that the errors are harmless to the install. Its an open source project: it is low priority for them to port the examples to Python 3. I don't know how to read the install scripts to know whether the success of the installation is conditional on successful interpretation by Python 3 of the examples. Probably not, since you will find whether the install was successful soon enough as you try PySide with your real code. Your post is good to know (for others who will be trying Python3 soon) but I wouldn't file a bug report, the PySide project probably knows already.

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