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  • Hello... I would like to design mine app like this one below... But problem is I don't know how... I tried to find out using Qt Examples but it always use Windows 8 style (second image)... As you can see on image there is no Windows 8 main tab, but on my PC that shit appears... How to get design like this???


    ! image)!

  • Aloha

    It's all up to you have are you going to design.

    You could QGridLayout to accomplish that button effect. But probably I would go for mix of vertical and horizontal layout, depends on how dynamic I would need it.

    QSS for formatting the colors, to get that Web 2.0 color effect.

    Just think how would you be able to design it with currently available layouts. Don't expect everything to be ready out of the box.

    And another thing, is to use QML which I have basically 0 experience. But I've been looking at GUIs people created with QML. Should be more than capable of doing it and even do more...

    Kind Regards

  • Will try... Thanks

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