How to reload the repeater's data model in QML?

  • I've a QML with Repeater which uses QList(QObjects) as its data model. On a button click, an attribute QLIST X object is updated. As the underlying data model property value is updated, I wish to have the updated property value reflected in my QML.

    I tried emiting a SIGNAL from cpp when the property value is changed, However, I don't get to see the changes reflected in QML UI i.e. the repeater is not sensing the UPDATED QList.

    Repeater {
    id: repeaterSlot
    model: dataSupplier
    id: imgSlot
    width: 75; height: 75
    source: "images/"+modelData.imageName + ".png";

    In the above scenario, the imageName of underlying QObject is updated on click of a button. I want to Repeater to fetch the recently updated QList(QOBjects), refresh the image to show latest picture.

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