Functional Qt Multimedia backend

  • Hello,

    is there an actually functional, reliable, perhaps 3rd party Qt Multimedia Backend for Qt 5 which:

    • Works reliably across desktop platforms (I focus on Linux/X11 and Windows),
    • Can play most video files (for which I have installed codecs and my system's media player can play without problems),
    • Has Qt Quick 2 support (can output video via a QQuickItem),
    • Preferably can do gapless playback / looping?

    In my experience, the ones shipped with Qt SDK seldom work, which is very frustrating. The Windows backend (wmfengine) is bug-ridden, and does not work at all on some platforms (eg. Vista). The Linux (gstreamer) does not work with opensource graphics drivers, etc. Does anyone else experience the low quality of the Multimedia module (especially video playback on desktop platforms)?

    Has anyone made a Qt/QML app where you show video content on screen and it works reliably acros the main desktop platforms? Whay is your recommended approach?

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