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QtCreator on Windows: qmake does not exist or is not executable

  • Hello

    I'm trying to follow the "Getting Started" guide, and ran into a problem. Let me explain the steps I took, and perhaps some of you might see what I've done wrong;

    My system is Win7 64bit

    1. I downloaded and installed Qt 5.1.0 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2012, OpenGL, 522 MB) from here:
    2. I started up Qt-creator. I get no error messages or warnings.
    3. I started with this guide:
      problem: I cannot select "Application" from templates. The only options I have are "Other projects", "Non-qt projects" and "Import projects". After some googling I found out I should go to tools->Options->Build & Run to check that qt-creator is pointing at qmake. There I run into the following problem: QtCreator finds qmake in the correct install dir, but sais "qmake does not exist or is not executable". I try running qmake directly from that dir and it definetly works. I have attached a screenshot to illustrate the problem.


    Thank you for your patience (I am really new to this)!

  • welcome to devnet

    Place the mouse cursor above the stop sign with the question mark. You get some more explanatio IIRC.

    Do you msvc2012 with 64 bit compiler installed?

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