Taborder of Customized widegt

  • I have designed custom widgets. While using them in other application designed in Qt Creator, their tab order is being set as in the order they are created, but when i am trying to change tab order using 'Edit Tab-order'(option in Qt Designer), numbering is changing but the order is not changing on execution.

  • Hi kritika,

    hope thi following code useful

    void QWidget::setTabOrder ( QWidget * first, QWidget * second )
    Puts the second widget after the first widget in the focus order.

    Note that since the tab order of the second widget is changed, you should order a chain like this:

    setTabOrder(a, b); // a to b;

    setTabOrder(b, c); // a to b to c;

    setTabOrder(c, d); // a to b to c to d;

    write a slot for change the order of every clicking signal until what you want.

    not like this:
    //********* WRONG********
    setTabOrder(c, d); // c to d;

    setTabOrder(a, b); // a to b AND c to d;

    setTabOrder(b, c); // a to b to c, but not c to d;

  • I have also tried this method in code, but it was also not changing the taborder accordingly

  • Try rebuild your project:
    Clean All
    Run qmake
    Rebuild All

  • Hi kritika,

    i think you missed or didnt properly use update() method after changing tab order.send your code link or sample snippet try to solve this problem.

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