IC imaging Control & Qt

  • has anyone had any experience using IC imaging control with Qt?
    i have no idea how to start using their sdk in conjunction with the Qt framework.

    Regards, Tim.--

  • What exactly do you try to achieve? Where is the problem?

    There should not be anything which holds you back from using both together. Please come back with exact questions if you have any problems related to Qt with a detailed description of what you want to have and where your problem is.

  • i understand that the two should work together fine. but i have no idea how to use IC imaging control in Qt - there appears to be no example on how to link the two. and since i have never used any kind of SDK with C++/Qt im not too sure what steps i should take in setting them both up together.

    i realise my question is very vague - ill try to do some more looking around, although i dont seem to be getting very far.

    Regards, Tim.

  • I don't know that SDK but it is, however always the same. Look at the examples of both, the SDK and Qt. Then you can do something like building a GUI and call some functions of the SDK based on e. g. button clicks.

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