QWebView - jquery script problem

  • Hi,

    I'm developping a simple HTML5 interface for an embedded system and for containers, i've decided to use iscroll4 plugin ( http://cubiq.org/iscroll-4 ) to animate a bit the scrolling.

    The problem is that this plugin/script is not working. Also, I'm not receiving any errors on console if i'm enabling developing extras setting.

    Also, i've tried to load directly this link : http://cubiq.org/dropbox/iscroll4/examples/simple/ in a QWebView object, but doesn't work too.

    Has anyone encountered this problem and knows a solution?

    Thanks a lot!

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    you have to do the output of javascript error by yourself:
    Reimplement QWebPage::javaScriptConsoleMessage(QString,int,QString) and output the parameters to the console (e.g. with qDebug)

    Also as far as i see this is not related to jQuery or?

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