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Using Mingw Compiler with COM API and ActiveQT

  • Hi everyone:
    I have a problem that I thought maybe someone knew how to solve.The problem is I have Com API based on WIndows from Manufacturer. I tried it with ActiveQT by using MSVS, it can work well. But now I want to using Mingw Compiler with COM API. Of course, It would have more errors. Does anyone have any experience about this issue?? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,
    When it is a C++ API you can't use a different compiler than what the manufacturer is providing. Or if you have the source code, you must recompile the API with the MinGw compiler. This has to do when the name mangling of different compilers. Even compilers of the same manufacturer can have different name mangling in the object/linking files causing all kind of compiler errors.
    If on the other hand you use the ActiveQt wrapper it shouldn't be a problem what compiler you use, because the Qt wrapper will "link" the api for you. That should be compiler independent.

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