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[SOLVED] Qt DBus signal not arriving

  • We are using a DBus interface (QDBusAbstractInterface) with this signal:
    @ <signal name="ContentUpdated">
    <line>ContentUpdated = This signal updates the input content data for the specified session</line>
    <arg name="locationInputHandle" type="y" direction="out" />
    <arg name="guidable" type="b" direction="out" />
    <arg name="availableSelectionCriteria" type="aq" direction="out" />
    <arg name="address" type="a{qv}" direction="out" />

    Using qdbusxml2cpp it is translated to this interface:
    void sgnContentUpdated(quint8 locationInputHandle, bool guidable, TUshortList availableSelectionCriteria, TUshortVariantMap address);

    For some reason, when i use the TUShortVariantMap in a QVariant::setValue() call the signal does not arrive anymore.
    Below is the code where i do this. So without this code, and in particular the call to QVariant::setValue(), the ContentUpdates signal arrives without problems.

    void CGuidanceHandler::updateAdr(const quint32 aCurrentRouteOffset, const CRoadBookItem& aCurrentInstruction)
    TUshortVariantMap valueOnRoute;
    QDBusVariant offsetValue;
    valueOnRoute.insert(GENIVI_MAPDATAACCESS_OFFSET, offsetValue);

    QDBusVariant value;
    QVariant innerValue;
    innerValue.setValue(valueOnRoute); // This call results in the signal not arriving anymore

    // etc..

    Any ideas why this can cause the signal not arriving anymore?
    Or any other pointers why signals could not be arriving?

  • I found the problem. I noticed that there was no Q_DECLARE_METATYPE call on the type in the main library, only in the QServicePlugin which is a different library.

    This was fixed after i added the Q_DECLARE_METATYPE call in the main library.

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