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How to use console.log in this case

  • I want to simply make sure that my property is getting set correctly, so I am logging it to console, but this logging is only possible when I use the brackets, but then this makes the actual setting of the value no longer work:

    @ FileMenu{
    width: menuListView.width
    height: menuBar.height
    topmargin: {labelList.height;
    console.log("top margin is:"+labelList.height)

    Of course, this builds fine:

    topmargin: labelList.height

    How do you inject a console log in this case?

  • Moderators

    Better move your logging elsewhere.

    But if you want it like this, then this should work:
    topMargin: {
    console.log("top margin is:"+labelList.height);
    return labelList.height;

  • I see, so the brackets basically act like an anonymous function in place.

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