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LinuxFB vs XCB for QPA

  • I'm wanting to use QT 5.1 without X11 in an embedded platform. I compiled it without xcb support successfully, but when attempting to run one of the examples (stickman), I see the following...

    -- snip --
    Failed to load platform plugin "xcb". Available platforms are:

    -- snip --

    Seems odd that the app would try to look for xcb, and more odd that the linuxfb didn't show up as an option. What am I missing here?

  • I have the same problem at the moment - linuxfb is missing in the available platform list - did you get it working? Do I have to install directfb or something like that?

  • Yes, I did. Should've posted the answer here I suppose.

    The answer was to copy the QT installed /platforms directory to the directory where my program was running. The platforms directory contains the available display libraries QT knows how to use.

    QT will render to frame buffer 0 by default btw, you can change it.

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