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QWebView doesn't load or on target machine

  • I have done anything i could think of on earth.. built my app with Qt5.1.0 for msvc11(visual studio 2012) it runs fine on my pc loads facebook page.. i can chat and comment.. but when i deploy it over to any other machine it just doesnt load the facebook page not even the login page.. i believe there is no flash object on facebook's login page.. and it can open other sites like google and cnet then why not facebook.. I created a new qt.conf file for my app.. installed all plugins.. imports.. qmlsupport.. the same build works on my machine but nowhere else.. the i downloaded qt for mingw built it again deployed it again still it works on my pc but not on the other.. then i installed qt framework on target machine and funny enough it still dowsn't work.. page stays blank forever. i have checked internet connectivity and anything i can.. there are no console errors either..

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    Hi, welcome to devnet.

    Facebook uses a ssl connection (https). Did you deploy also required OpenSSL dlls?

  • Not sure about that.. will check now..

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