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Qt creator - designer mode doesn't show

  • Hallo,

    I am pretty new to qt an qml. I have made some scenes with qml controls (qt 5.1). the problem I experience is:

    • when I try to style a control namely a button. it doesn't get rendered in the qt creator design view. It doesn't display any error or else.

    the qt creator I use is 2.8.0

    I hope I have posted in the right place, if not I am apologizing.

    I wold appreciate some help.

    thank you Andrej

  • Hello,
    What is the file extension of the scenes that you have made with the "qml controls"?
    Is it .ui ( - is your scene file name)?
    If it is it opens up in the design section of the Qt Creator.
    If not then specify which extension are you exactly trying to access to here?

  • the file name extension is qml. With Qt Creator 2.7.2 it is working.

    By now I figured out that it has something to do with the QML puppet. I have compiled it as it says in the install guide, but is still not working.

    If you know of some guide how to setup the qmlpuppet for 2.8.0 I would be grateful if you posti it.

    Thak you
    ciao andruj

  • Hello,
    Have a look at the link below.
    It addresses some portion of your qml puppet query,
    If not do post back.

  • hello

    as it seems it was solved in this release 5.1.1

    thank's for help,

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