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Qt Drag and Drop not working with CLR support

  • Recently i have selected the /CLR support for my project that is being developed using Qt Library in Visual C++ 2005. Earlier drag and drop feature in the project was working fine between 2 QListWidgets, but drag and drop feature is now not working anymore.

    I have checked that after removing /CLR support, drag and drop feature is re-enabled. How am i suppose to enable drag and drop feature of Qt along with /CLR support. Further, i have checked that drag and drop is not working for other Widgets(QGraphicsView) as well.

    Please Help!!!

  • I doubt there is an issue with Qt. Qt is for C++ not for managed C++ which is not C++.

  • i got the problem solved. i knew that there is nothing wrong with the Qt, but it was related to COM/CLR interop issue. The solution was to set the Thread Attribute to STA.

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