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[SOLVED] Qt Installer Framework - question about setting enviroment variables

  • Dear all,
    I'm not sure if it's the right board for asking questions about the use of Qt Installer Framework.
    If not, please, can you redirect me to the right board ??

    I'm starting to use it, and when I tested the EnviromentVariable operation I found a strange problem.
    If I write on the component script the following code:
    @component.addOperation("EnvironmentVariable", "FARSA_DIR", "@TargetDir@", true);@
    After the installation the enviroment variable will containg a path formatted for linux machines, and not for windows machine.
    The installer has been created on windows and tested on windows.
    The path written on FARSA_DIR variable is: C://Laral/FARSA (that's wrong on windows) instead of C:\Laral\FARSA

    Why ??


  • I solved the problem looking at the examples.
    The above command has to be inserted into the createOperation function of the script and not in the constructor.
    My first attempt was to put the addOperation command into the constructor of a Component, but at that point the variables does not have the correct value (at least for the path that are not in native format).
    While, when exectued into the createOperations function the path variables are in native format.

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