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DEPENDPATH in .pro file

  • Hi
    In my .pro file I make reference to a .pri file -
    include (C://SoftwareDevelopment//Shared//CommonUI//ApplicationCode//ASLLog.pri)

    I have also added a DEPENDPATH section

    The .pri file specifies the files in the Widgets folder to be compiled

    I thought that with this arrangement a change made to a file in the Widgets folder would result in my application compiling this changed file. This does not happen - I have to change a file in my base project to force a compile and then the Widgets file is compiled.

    Have I misunderstood the DEPENDPATH directive ot am I using it incorrectly

    Any advice would be appreciated


  • DEPENDPATH defines the path of the FILES which needed by your project when building.

  • If you want files to be compiled as part of your project, you need to add them as HEADERS and SOURCES

    I have used DEPENDPATH only for referencing libraries that I link to my project. It allows changes to these libraries to be detected, and re-links the project in this case.
    (If the DEPENDPATH has other uses, I don't know about it).

  • Hi
    My .pri files adds the to the list of files and headers.
    Editing a file referenced in the .pri file does not result in that file being compiled

  • Maybe the files are not found.

    Files and Headers are always searched relative to the position of the .pro-File, NOT the position of the .pri file.
    So if you use relative path names, you need to be aware of that.

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