Qt for hardware acceleration

  • I'm using Qt3.3 to display some big picture which size to 1920*1080(png, jpeg, bmp), and I need to switch picture display one by one. During the switch process, I also add some transition effect. My computer is Atom N270 with GM950, and I install Ubuntu 10.04. I try to use this computer display a 720p video, this video display only cost 30-40% cpu. But when I use qt to display the big picture and doing transition, the cpu will be occupied by 90%+. I use ‘top' command to see that X11 takes almost 60% cpu and my program takes 30%+ cpu.

    I test display picture with QImage and QPixmap. When use QImage, the QImage.drawImage will cost cpu. But in using QPixmap, I have to convert QImage to QPixmap and display, the convert cost cpu. Is there any function can use the GM950 hardware acceleration to display these big picture in Qt window?

  • Using OpenGL is a no-go for you?

  • Also, please update Qt if at all possible. Qt 3.3 is really old. It is no longer supported.

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