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Adding item to beginning of QListWidget doesn't work for me [Solved]

  • Hi all. Hopefully I'm doing something completely wrong here - maybe someone could be friendly enough pointing out where.

    I have a QListWidget. I want to prepend items in the list widget. Docs tells me that QListWidget::insertItem is my friend. I insert an item thusly, ie. at list index 0:

    @QListWidgetItem* widgetItem = new QListWidgetItem(ui->listWidget);
    ui->listWidget->insertItem(0, widgetItem);
    qDebug() << "Inserting item at index 0 (hopefully): " << widgetItem->text();
    qDebug() << "Item at index 0: " << ui->listWidget->item(0)->text();
    qDebug() << "Index for inserted widget: " << ui->listWidget->row(widgetItem);@

    The debug statements print out the following:

    Inserting item at index 0 (presumably): "Retarded Tests"
    Item at index 0: "Color Blindness test - Real !"
    Index for inserted widget: 44

    As you can see, inserting at index 0 does not give me the desired result. It happily inserts at the bottom of the list. I tried inserting at index -1 instead, same result. On a side note, I am setting an item widget for each list entry, but this should have any effect on the way an item is inserted?

    Any clues?

    Edit: Qt 5.1, tested in Mac OS and Windows

  • Please remove ui->listWidget from your following statement.

    QListWidgetItem* widgetItem = new QListWidgetItem(ui->listWidget);

    Read the documentation of QListWidgetItem's contructor and QListWidget::addItem, you can find the answer.

  • Aha! It works! You're right, the doc for QListWidgetItem's constructor says that the item is added if it has a parent.

    May thanks! :-)

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