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Qt Creator gives syntax error for QtWebKit 3.0

  • I am using the latest Qt 5.1 release on Windows with VC2010 compiler. My sample project uses QtQuick 2.0 and QtWebKit 3.0.

    As per documentation, I typed in onLoadingChanged to keep track of the loading progress. However, Qt Creator draws a red line under onLoadingChanged, saying "invalid property name 'onLoadingChanged'. (M16)".

    Here is a screenshot highlighting the message:


    The mystery is, the code still works when I run it! So it seems to be a Qt Creator issue. Can anyone provide me some solution on it?

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    You can always file a bug report about things like that:-) Developers will definitely see bug reports, but they will most likely not run into issues reported here.

  • Yeah, of course. I decided to file a bug report once I was sure that this issue was unheard of. I guess that is the case as nobody has replied to this thread as of yet. I will still wait for a day before filing a bug.

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    Please check the bug tracker if you want to make sure there are no duplicates.

    If you get responses here, then it will be from users that ran into the same issue before, but usually not from somebody with a good idea about which bugs are open.

  • There was a problem and the plugins.qmltypes file was not deployed to the qml directory, that is fixed in stable, and will be fixed in 5.3.1, for now if you manually copy the file from the sources ( qtwebkit/Source/WebKit/qt/declarative/plugins.qmltypes ) and it should work already now

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