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Problem QWebView

  • hi,
    void mainWind::ajouterOngle()
    QWidget *ongle = new QWidget;
    QWebView *pageweb =new QWebView;
    QVBoxLayout *layout=new QVBoxLayout;
    when I compile all goes well, but in the program as I call this method "microsoft visual c + + runtime library" error

    I try to solve the problem and I noticed that Error is in line 7 load (local html file) when I delet it there is no problem and all goes well so how do I load (local html file )

    I intend that this problem is because of "http://" I didn’t put it in QUrl because it is a local file

    and I notice that other browser makes "file :/ / / html / pagevide.html" in url so I change all goes well but I noticed that the browser does not load the file because nothing is wrote in Urlbar and the page didn’t display (because I put an image in the html file) and the same problem when I write
    @ pageActuelle () -> load (QUrl :: fromLocalFile ("html / pagevide.html")) @
    Note: I have put the html file in the program directory

  • The same here:

    It would be really nice if you could write in English here. At least bad English is better then French in the general forum.
    There should be a local French group where you might be allowed to write in your language.

  • i have changed the topic in english too

  • please give me a answer to this Forum :'(

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