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Importing a Keyboard Scheme in QtCreator

  • I'm trying to import a new keyboard scheme (.kms file) in QtCreator (2.8) and am having trouble. I'm running QtCreator on Mac OS 10.7.

    I started with an existing .kms file and edited it so the keybindings in the text editor (id="TextEditor.*") @were more emacs-like. The weird thing is, is that when I go to Preferences->Environment->Keyboard, and click "Import", and select my modified .kms file, some, but not all of my new keybindings are applied. I tried changing one in the Keyboard preferences, then exported the keyboard mappings, and the change I made was in the exported .kms file. But it was also in the imported .kms file, but wasn't applied (according to the Keyboard preferences) to QtCreator.

    I haven't found a pattern to what was imported and what wasn't... I can spend some time doing that if someone thinks it would help.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Thanks for your help...


  • I suggest you write a bug report and attach some of the files that do not work together with an explanation of what you think should happen when loading them.

    Bug reports will end up at the right developers desk, postings to this forum won't (Well, some do, but there is a lot of luck involved;-).

  • Was thinking the same thing, Tobias. Just thought I'd check in here first in case it was a "Oh, yes, we know about that..." kind of thing. I'll gather some more data and post a bug.



  • Not so fast! I discovered, while trying to play with an XML tool to figure out what was new in my .kms file, that my .kms file had some errors in it. Creator, however, didn't tell me that, it just quietly failed. I should probably report that as a bug, yes?

    In the meantime, there's still a bit of wonkiness with the .kms file, so I'm going to play with it some more.

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