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Qt creator versions not down/upward compatible?

  • My installation is on windows 7 64 bit
    I have used for some time on my desktop Qt creator 2.6.0 (self-compiled with Mingw 4.6 32 bit) with self compiled Qt 4.8.3 (MinGW 4.6 32bit) and Qt 4.8.4 (MInGW 4.7 64 bit). With those kits I can compile and do the stuff as required.
    On a laptop I have pre-built creator 2.6.2 with self compiled Qt 4.8.4 (MinGW 4.7 32bit) and Qt 4.8.4 (MInGW 4.7 64 bit). All is working as on the desktop.

    Recently I decided to check Qt 5.1 and installed in parallel Qt 5.1 SDK including creator and MinGW (pre-built offline version from download page) on my laptop. With a few adaptations I was able to get my applications compiled with Qt 5.1 and the new MinGW 4.8 compiler.

    Because of a linking problem with one application I decided to install the pre-built SDK also on my desktop. This time I used the online version. Qt creator version 2.7.2 was started and took over all the stuff. When trying out the self-compiled plugin with the new creator it complained about incompatibility with the dependencies to other plugins.

    So I decided to move my old creator version 2.6.0 and found out that I cannot load the Qt 5.1 kits respectively manually setup. Therefore, I was firing up creator 2.7.2 in order to check out the proper settings used for the kit there. Well, I found out that I have the right settings chosen. Moreover, I saw that creator 2.7.2 complains about my Qt 4.8.x versions and does not like them. All this on my desktop!

    Going back to my laptop I saw that the situation is similar there. In addition to Qt 5.1 only the self compiled Qt 4.8.4 (MinGW 4.7 32bit) was recognized and an "ancient" Qt 4.7.4 compiled with msvc are liked by creator.

    So after writing off my frustration I still do not know how to continue. AFAIK Qt creator is just an IDE and should work with any Qt libs version. At least I will stop claiming this for the time being :(

    Anyone a smart suggestion?

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    Sounds odd.

    Can you provide exact error messages?

    The plugins that you mentioned -- are they for your application or for Qt Creator?

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    Qt Creator does not have plugin compatibility. You need to recompile plugins for every Qt Creator versions.

  • Thanks for your thoughts.
    The plugin compatibility is the least problem. From my point of view it is a bit questionable to do all the versioning stuff with each plugin and have in every distro of creator the version set to the distro's version. The result is that for every release of creator to need to compile your own plugins anyway.

    My real problem is that Qt creator 2.6.x recognizes my Qt4 kits but not Qt 5.1 kits. In turn around Qt creator 2.7.2 recognizes Qt 5.1 kits but not Qt 4 kits (or least not the ones I need).

    That is the oddest for me.

    Here are screenshots of Qt creator 2.6.0 messages
    !http://db.tt/ic84gJhW(Compiler tab)!

    !http://db.tt/lqBFWiBP(Build & Run )!


    Placing cursor on Attention sign shows message
    "Error: The compiler 'MinGW 32 bit' (x86-windows-msys-pe-32bit) cannot produce code for Qt version 'Qt 5.1.0 (mingw48_32)' (unknonw-unknonw-unknonw-unknonw-unknonw).

  • One case I have solved in the mean time. I can use Qt creator with my Qt 4 sets. Both Qt kits did not have the compilers dlls along with qmake.

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