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Standard example: Texture in SGNode - Rendering FBOs

  • Take two stock examples and replace logo renderer (one cpp for 2 examples) to this dummy:

    Multi-threads version works well - draws green rectangle
    Single thread blink green for 1 frame and than shows only red background.

    1. Why?
    2. What must i do to get same results in both situations?

    (ubuntu x64 5.1.0)


    1. Also, multi-threads version doesn't work in win7 (x64, opengl).
      @ARB::createContext: wglCreateContextAttribsARB() failed (GL error code: 0x502@
      because of sharing with other context

    upd: already found about it
    but 1 and 2 still important for me.

  • Both examples work fine for me with ubuntu 13.04, 64-bit. What is your video driver?

  • On ubuntu examples works well without modifications, but without shader programm one-thread example does not work.
    So, i use gDEBugger GL and found that after after qml drawing depth test enabled and some shader programm binded. So this helps me:
    QOpenGLFunctions_2_1 glf21;

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