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Install Qt SDK without Qt Creator

  • I'd like to know why I cannot unselect Qt Creator in the Qt SDK installer. I use multiple installations (versions) of Qt SDK side by side. It is inconvenient and wasteful that each one forces me to install its own copy of Creator.

    Moreover, Creator has a separate, more frequent release cycle, than the SDK. Therefore I install the latest standalone Creator and use all the SDKs from within this one.

    Please, make installation of the bundled Creator optional.

  • If that is the case you should file a bug report on "JIRA,":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa respectively check first if there is already one.
    In the past there were always the Qt libs available for separate installation from the download page. Somehow this seems to stay with Qt 4 at the moment.

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    There's already a report: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-32111

    This isn't a full solution, but to minimize the problem, you can use the Online Installer to install multiple versions of Qt. This way, you'll only have one copy of Qt Creator. (And, you'll get the benefit of in-place upgrades when a new version is released)

  • Thank you. I upvoted the existing Jira issue.

    The situation with the Online Installer is similar - you can't uncheck Qt Creator. And the one provided by the Online Installer is not the latest. But at least you can install multiple SDKs and get only one copy of Qt Creator.

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