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[Resolved]Using .obj in QT Creator

  • Does anybody know how to let QT Creator can refer .obj file from visual studio while Compiler is building !??

  • Qt is a library. Qt has nothing to do with what your compiler, linker and tool chain will accept.

    Perhaps you can rephrase the question and provide some detail on what the problem is.

  • Oh.. sorry about my article, I have already modified.Does anybody know!?

  • What do you want Qt Creator to do with an object file created by Microsoft Visual Studio? Object files are the output of compilers and the input to linkers, not input for a glorified text editor.

    If you want to link an already compiled object file (*.OBJ) into your program then you need to add it to the arguments passed to your Microsoft linker. If you are using qmake then you can do this with your PRO file LIBS variable.
    LIBS += C:/full/path/to/the/object_file.obj
    A relative path can work if you put the pre-existing OBJ file in the right place. It is an unusual thing to do though.

    If you are using MinGW, i.e. not using a Microsoft compiler, then you need to build the object file from source to get a compatible object file.

  • Yes, your answer is I want, thanks.

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