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Build issue on SunOS 5.10

  • Hi all.
    I'm trying to build Qt 4.7 SunOS 5.10. My configure is :
    @configure -prefix /foo

    The build failes while building QMake with the error (after 10-20 segfaults): Basic XLib functionality test failed!
    Ok, my Xlib may be outdated, but I don't need any support for the X11 (I only need QCore module). How can I make it work?
    Thank you for your help!

    [EDIT: command line formatting, Volker]

  • You could tray to disable the XLib check in the configure script. It is just a shell script. The code is around line 5530.

    I have no guarantee that anything will work then - you'll just have to try.

  • Hi Volker, thank you for you reply. Just did It, but it fails latter. I've try something else: I've switched to solaris-g++ mkspec. The Xlib error is gone, but now I've an ugly (and barely understandable to me) ld error:
    @ld: fatal: relocations remain against allocatable but non-writable sections@
    My only hope is to try to build my own GNU ld (
    Any other idea would be appreciated...

  • Ok, I did it, just had to recompile zlib with g++ to solve the linker issue. It still does no work with SunStudio 12 which is tier2 supported. I have no clue of what may be broken though...

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