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Newbie Question: Display fileURLs from FileDialog - getting error from delegate

  • Hi I'm a QT Newbie, UI Newbie, liking QT Quick but having problem displaying data retrieved with FileDialog. I get an error message from my cfilesDelegate.

    console output:
    You chose: file:///Users/cmckenzie/Desktop/Beatles/(The Beatles) - Taxman.mp3
    qrc:/content/Layouts.qml:86: ReferenceError: url is not defined (repeated 9 times)

    I’m using Qt Quick 2 in QtCreator 2.7.2 with Qt 5.1.0.

    FileDialog {
    id: fileDialog
    nameFilters: [ "Music files (*.wav *.mp3)" ]
    title: "Please choose a folder or file"
    onAccepted: {
    console.log("You chose: " + fileDialog.fileUrl)

            onRejected: {
    Action {
        id: openAction
        text: "&Open"
        shortcut: "Ctrl+O"
        iconSource: "images/document-open.png"
        tooltip: "Open an image"
    ListModel {
        id: cfilesModel

    Here's where I try to display
    GroupBox {
    id: gridBox
    title: "Folders or Files in Collection"
    Layout.fillWidth: true

             id: cfilesView
            anchors.fill: parent
            rowDelegate: cfilesDelegate
            TableViewColumn {
                role: "url"
                title: "Url"
                width: 240

    Component {
    id: cfilesDelegate
    Row {
    Text { text: url }

    Thanks for assistance,

    Clara McKenzie

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