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Dynamically generating QML

  • I am very attracted to QML for controlling the entirety of a UI but I am wondering how flexible it is for handling cases such as having the user decide how many rows or columns to split a window. It's easy to hard code this into the QML for one or two splits, but suppose you want the user be able to arbitrarily split a window on demand. You would need to have new QML splitting code generated or somehow available. Would this require instead using c++ to control the UI and the QML rather than have QML retain control on its own?

  • I find QtQuick alone to be powerful enough to implement this behavior without help from C++ side. I guess it also kinda depends on what exactly do you need, so why not share some code?

  • Since posting my question, I learned of the native QML techniques for doing this and they have satisfied my interest on this. Happy not to include c++ for this task.

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