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How to access a root context from QObject?

  • Hi everybody!

    I've created my QObject-derived subclass and registered it with the QML type system. Now I need to access the root context from my object's method. How can I do it?

    Thank you!

  • See the qmlContext() and qmlEngine() documentation. You may need to look at the qqmlengine.cpp source code directly to see that documentation, as qdoc is a broken mess.


  • Here's the full answer to the question. Inside your QObject derived subclass, you can do the following:

    // get rootContext() and required contextProperty as QVariant
    QVariant myobject_v = qmlEngine(this)->rootContext()->contextProperty("myname");
    // cast QVariant first to QObject* and then to my desired ObjectClass*
    ObjectClass myobject = qobject_cast<ObjectClass>(qvariant_cast<QObject*>(myobject_v));

    http://stackoverflow.com/a/3918893/532513 showed how to cast from QVariant to ObjectClass*, the rest was found through snippets of documentation scattered all over the place. :|

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