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How to get qmlpuppet back?

  • Note this error after installing 2.8 Creator:

    What I don't understand is why this needed part of Creator does not natively come with the app when you download the installer for Creator 2.8, and the directory it mentions for loading the source is a directory within the app file itself, and I don't know how to open that.

    When you instead install the full SDK with Creator 2.7, this issue does not arise and apparently it is already included in the app bundle. Can anyone advise how to get it working?

  • Hi,

    please note that, the Qt Creator 2.8 you download is build on Qt 4.8, while qml2puppet is depending on Qt 5.0, so it will be skipped.

    You should compile the qml2puppet tool by yourself using proper Qt version such as Qt5.1 if you need to use it.

    The source code of it is bundled with Qt Creator.

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