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Cross platform installation

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm doing cross-platform developpement (writing under Windows, with Eclipse CDT using Cygwin compiler for UNIX target) and I would like to use the MessageBox functionnality of Qt.

    First question: do i need to install the entire Qt solution or can I use a smaller package?
    Second question: how to install it for cygwin? I read some topics about it but nothing is really clear for my simple mind !

    Thanks for all :)

  • welcome to devnet

    You need to install a complete package for each of your desired compilers, if you are taking advantage of the pre-builds. You can compile Qt libs yourself. There you can reduce the number of options a bit. Check out "this section": The configure.exe gives you also all possible options. Could find them only for "older Qt 4": Probably most of them are still identical, but I would assume that of them have changed.
    AFAIK you need to compile Qt libs for cygwin on your own. IIRC you cannot copy those builds to a linux platform nor from a linux platform. Though, you would do a linux style work on windows, but not real cross platform development. The final compilation would have to be done under Linux anyhow.
    The mingw compiler is basically the same gcc as under linux. Under windows you should unearth already most incompatibilities respectively avoid those.
    My recommendation would be to use a virtual machine with a linux partition for compilation under linux. That is the way I do it. Is in my opinion more logical.

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